Athletic Recruiting

Athletic Recruiting

Our unique dual expertise in specialized athletic recruiting and highly experienced college counseling

What we do

Our athletic recruiting specialists are a team of seasoned college counselors who are also former collegiate athletes and high school and college coaches. We use this unique dual expertise to guide student-athletes of all academic backgrounds and in all NCAA sports with DI, II, & III playing potential using our state-of-the-art W.I.S.E. Method of Athletic Recruiting™ to optimize your college search process.

We take the burden off you the recruit of figuring out the right moves at the right times, as well as avoiding the many potential pitfalls, in the recruiting process. We also take the mystery out of what’s actually happening on the collegiate and coaching side of the process. Our direct experience working with student-athletes in and outside of interscholastic competitive sports allows us to use our knowledge of the hidden challenges of the recruiting process to leverage your strengths and avoid irreparable missteps.

How we do it

Using our W.I.S.E. Method of Educational Planning, we coach you through each phase of the process, turning an inherently daunting undertaking with many potential pitfalls into your competitive edge:

  • Overview of your distinctive recruiting calendar
  • Evaluation of your athletic competitive level & academic profile
  • Development of your college list
  • Guidance for contacting coaches and deciphering their feedback about you
  • Recommendations for exposure events that best serve your goals
  • Assistance developing your athletics resume & history
  • Assessment and advising on your video and film profile
  • Recommendations for your strength, conditioning, training & nutrition
  • Integrating your unique recruiting and general college planning processes

Matriculation/Sports List

We’re so proud that our student-athletes attend a wide variety of colleges and universities and represent an impressive range of NCAA sports, embodying our commitment to our developmental and student-centered process

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Our Athletic Recruiting Experts

Don and Sarah McMillan have assembled a team of educators-admissions experts whose collective experience is unparalleled in the field of educational counseling.

Kim Chorosiewski, Ed.D., CSCS, CMAA

Chair, Innovation & Athletic Recruiting

Tony Lambert, M.A.

Educational Counselor

Peter Olrich, MBA

Chair, College Planning Practice and Chief Outreach Officer

Nanny Noyes, M.Ed.

Educational Counselor

Amy Christie, M.A.

Educational Counselor

Jacquie Magiera, MSW, LCSW

Educational Counselor

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