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A team of educators driven by a student-centered philosophy and approach

Who we are

In 2009, when Don and Sarah McMillan began their leadership of the company, they thoughtfully undertook a plan to assemble a team of educational and admission experts deeply qualified to expand upon the firm’s storied legacy that began in 1955.

Don and Sarah’s goal, informed by their combined decades experience as educators, was to better serve a wider range of educational planning needs in a quickly evolving modern admission, educational, and developmental landscape. Their 30+ years of marriage and experience shepherding a pair of sons through independent day and boarding schools, on to college and into professional life have confirmed Don and Sarah’s conviction that education is at the core of the healthy development and fulfilled potential of every child, adolescent and young adult. This developmental approach to education is shared by every one of the educational experts Don and Sarah have brought on to their team.

Our history

Today the firm boasts deep expertise in international student, learning differences, graduate school, athletic recruiting, the arts, and developmental and academic crisis planning, in addition to carrying forward the legacy of highly personalized school and college planning for the traditional student.

That legacy began with Robert Parsons’ founding of the firm in 1955, specializing in independent school planning. Faith Howland continued Bob’s work as the premier consultancy in the country. Then Michael Spence joined the firm to expand its services and establish what quickly became a robust and highly reputed college planning practice. Faith was a founding partner of the Independent Educational Consulting Association (IECA), while Michael became a President, and Don went on to serve as a Vice President and member of the Board of Directors. Don has also served on an Executive Committee for The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) and chaired a committee for The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT).

Our student-centered philosophy & core values

Throughout the decades, our student-centered focus and advocacy for the healthy development of the whole young person have remained the cornerstones of our work with families.

Don and Sarah’s shared professional journey has been fed by their mutual love for working with children, adolescents, and young adults. It has also become the cornerstone of the core values and set of professional practices that place students and their families at the center of McMillan Education’s work.

As a group of educational counselors, McMillan Education is a family of families. Don and Sarah have deliberately recruited counselors who share their educational philosophy and are at the top of the field.

Our family atmosphere brings our students and their families into our supportive fold, where our student-centered and developmental approach to educational planning means:

  • Parents derive the comfort of knowing that we have been where they are personally and we bring the collective wisdom of decades of educational planning to all of our work
  • Students feel the caring, holistic approach we provide as mentors

Being a part of our educational planning family means working with a McMillan Education counselor committed to guiding you step-by-step to the educational environment where your fullest potential will be promoted and supported.

Our Commitment to Community

Don and Sarah McMillan’s commitment to community service dates back to their high school years and has never waned since.

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