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Guiding you to the best fit school or college where you and your talents will thrive

Students we work with

Whether you have committed considerable time to specializing in a particular art form or are exploring new artistic paths and are simply fulfilled by the creative act, our educational counselors have the knowledge and expertise to guide you to the school or college fit where you and your talents will thrive. Our knowledge of schools and colleges allows us to identify the match between your level of talent and commitment to the arts and the educational settings where you will be best served. 

How we work together

We help you, the creative applicant, make important decisions about the artistic components of your application, and realize your goals of identifying, examining and enrolling in a conservatory, art school or academy, small liberal arts college or university with outstanding performing, studio, and creative arts departments.

McMillan Education has a long history of working with students who have identified a passion and talent in an area of the arts and are committed to developing their particular creative skills.

You may be like some of our students who pursue their talents to increasingly higher levels of performance and skills. You may be like others who have benefitted from our guidance and find fulfillment in balancing your creative interests with other pursuits. We advise students from a wide range of artistic fields, including architecture, dance, drama, film, music, visual & graphic arts, fashion and writing. We are here to make your unique process a balance of creative journey and practical efficiency.

Our Arts Experts

Don and Sarah McMillan have assembled a team of educators-admissions experts whose collective experience is unparalleled in the field of educational counseling.

Amy Christie, M.A.

Educational Counselor

Nanny Noyes, M.Ed.

Educational Counselor

Tony Lambert, M.A.

Educational Counselor

Jacquie Magiera, MSW, LCSW

Educational Counselor

Peter Olrich, MBA

Chair, College Planning Practice and Chief Outreach Officer

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