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U.S., Canada, EU and UK university planning for international and US students

We offer the highly specialized expertise required to assist international and U.S. students in their search for the right university fit in a variety of countries and cultures.

Our deep knowledge of the range of entry requirements, academic programs, languages of instruction, and exciting opportunities outside of the U.S. is rare among counselors who also specialize in U.S. college admission. The combination of this skill set and perspective allows us to use a uniquely student-centered approach to counseling students looking to study in the U.S., United Kingdom (UK), European English Speaking Universities (EU) or Canada.

Our International University Planning Expertise

Whether you are a U.S. student looking to complete your degree abroad or an international student imagining studying in the U.S. or wanting to stay closer to home, our international counselors have the deep and differentiated expertise in the significantly different processes and personal planning required of global university planning.

United States, United Kingdom & Canada

United States, European Union & Canada

United States, United Kingdom, European Union & Canada

United Kingdom & Canada

European Union & Canada

United Kingdom, European Union & Canada

The global expertise to get you to your university destination

Using this unique knowledge and skill set, combined with their student-centered approach, our counselors will get you to your final destination with clarity and confidence. Our signature W.I.S.E. Method of Educational Planning allows you to apply to universities in multiple countries or focus on your preferred region benefitting from our expertise in the wide variety of application methods, supporting documents, required tests, campus cultures, academic programs, deadlines, and evaluation methods particular to each country.

Deciding where and what to study

In getting to know your individual needs and aspirations, our international counselors guide you toward a deeper understanding of your own strengths, interests, and passions.

Then we help you align this discovery with identifying the specific university and regional experiences where you can pursue the particular academic path and live in the specific culture that best suits your goals and priorities. Whether you choose a specific course of study or the liberal arts, your growing self-knowledge becomes the foundation of our practical guidance through the complex and highly nuanced process of international university planning, application completion, and successful placement. In choosing an international university experience, you will become a part of a selective community of students inspired to embrace the unique opportunity for growth that ensues from global citizenship.

Our International University Planning Experts

Don and Sarah McMillan have assembled a team of educators-admissions experts whose collective experience is unparalleled in the field of educational counseling.

Don McMillan, M.A., M.F.A.


Amy Christie, M.A.

Educational Counselor

Krista Despotovic-Jacobson, M.A.

Educational Counselor

Tony Lambert, M.A.

Educational Counselor

Kim Chorosiewski, Ed.D., CSCS, CMAA

Chair, Innovation & Athletic Recruiting

Peter Olrich, MBA

Chair, College Planning Practice and Chief Outreach Officer

Jacquie Magiera, MSW, LCSW

Educational Counselor

Nanny Noyes, M.Ed.

Educational Counselor

Susanna Beckwith, MALS

Educational Counselor

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