Amherst College- Squash, Football, W Lacrosse.

Babson College- M Tennis, W Soccer, M Soccer, Baseball

Bates College- Field hockey, Skiing, W Squash, Football

Birmingham Southern- M Lacrosse

Boston College- W Rowing

Boston University- M Lacrosse, Track and Field, M Rowing

Bowdoin College- W Squash, M Soccer, M Lacrosse

Brown University- M Swimming, Cross Country, W Rowing

Bucknell University- W Tennis, Rowing, Squash

Case Western- Wrestling

Claremont McKenna- W Soccer

Clarkson- M Lacrosse

Colby College- Squash, W Tennis, M Swimming, Track and Field

Colgate University- W Lacrosse, W Rowing

College of the Holy Cross- W Ice Hockey, Football, W Rowing, M Rowing

Colorado College- W Lacrosse

Columbia University- W Cross Country, Track and Field, M Soccer, LW Men’s Rowing

Dartmouth College- Football, W Rowing, M Ski

Denison University- W Lacrosse

Elms College- M Basketball

Franklin and Marshall- Field Hockey

Georgetown University- Sailing

Goucher- M Golf

Hamilton College- W Basketball, W Rowing

Harvard College- W Rowing, Squash

Hobart William Smith- M Soccer, Skiing

Howard- M Basketball

Johns Hopkins University- M Basketball, W Soccer

Kenyon- M Golf, M Lacrosse

Lafayette- Baseball

Lake Forest- M Ice Hockey

Lawrence University- M Ice Hockey

Loyola Marymount- M Ice Hockey

Manhattanville- M Soccer

Middlebury College- Football, Squash, W Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, W Lacrosse, Ski, W Swimming

MIT- Rowing

Northeastern University- Track and Field, W Soccer

Ole Miss- W Volleyball

Penn- Football, Golf, W Rowing, M Rowing

Princeton- W Rowing

Rice University- W Volleyball

Rollins- M Swimming

Sacred Heart- W Ice Hockey, Football

Salve Regina- Baseball, M Soccer

St. Anselm-W Soccer, M Ice Hockey

St. Lawrence- M Soccer, W Soccer

St. Michael’s- W Soccer, Baseball

Stetson- Softball

Swarthmore- M Basketball, Baseball, Golf

Trinity College- Cross Country, Track and Field,Field Hockey, M Rowing, W Rowing, W Lacrosse

Tufts University- M Ice Hockey, Football, M Tennis, M Lacrosse, Baseball, Squash

UCLA- M Track and Field

University of Maine- W Basketball

Union College- Football, Baseball

University of Chicago- Wrestling

University of Illinois- Wrestling

University of Vermont- W Lacrosse

University of Virginia- M Lacrosse, Squash, Rowing

Ursinus- Cross Country

USNA- Sailing, Rowing

UTampa- Softball

UToronto- Football

Vassar College- M Tennis

Wake Forest- W Soccer, Track and Field

Wash U St. Louis- M Rowing

Wesleyan University- W Golf, W Volleyball, Baseball

Williams College- Skiing, Football, Squash, Field Hockey, W Ice Hockey, W Lacrosse

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)- Wrestling

Yale- M Cross Country, Track and Field, W Rowing, M LW Rowing

York College- M Soccer