US Institutional Consulting

Elevating Independent Schools’
Student Recruitment & Outcomes

As the oldest and foremost educational consultancy in the U.S., McMillan Education has long been known for its deep knowledge of independent schools, their unique missions and programming, student profiles, market position and potential, and admission and placement traditions.

We are a team of former independent school and college educators and admission experts dedicated to guiding independent schools to expand their institutional knowledge so that they can better leverage their unique transformational student experience. With an emphasis on student-centered planning and results, we empower independent school leaders seeking to excel in the face of the ever-evolving complex and competitive demands of the modern school and college admission landscapes.

Partnerships that Educate and Elevate

Heads of School, Boards of Trustees, and Enrollment Leaders regularly rely on our unrivaled experience and expertise to educate them on current domestic and international student and family trends, recruitment positioning, program and curriculum development, staffing needs, and stakeholder training. Our tailored institutional consulting services include:

Board of Trustee Education & Strategic Planning Coaching

As a trusted ally for educational leaders, we partner with and offer guidance to Heads of School and enrollment leaders to educate their Trustees, school leadership, and other stakeholders on:

  • evolving school and college admission trends
  • mission-aligned strategic goals based on current and future student and family profiles and markets
  • recruitment and placement planning best practices for enhanced student-centered results
  • student programming and staffing to meet market demands and support stronger student outcomes

Admission & College Counseling Consulting

We support a range of admission and college counseling programs, from the highly experienced to the new and developing team or program. Our expertise optimizes the student application process and outcomes, utilizing cutting-edge tools and the most current research, trends, and best practices. Your school admission or college planning team and systems benefit from our collaborative and collegial approach to achieving student-centered results that reflect your institution’s values and mission. We also bring our deep understanding of curriculum, learning differences, athletic recruiting, and student mental health to all of our forward-thinking school partnerships.

Learning Differences & Student Mental Health Programming Training

Our specialized training and experience as learning specialists and clinicians informs our education of admissions teams and faculty training. We help admission offices refine their practices to better identify students in the admission process who can properly thrive in their unique educational environment with the appropriate academic and emotional support, leading to enhanced student retention and outcomes. Likewise, we engage with in-service faculty training to support teachers’ understanding of effective strategies to promote learning and success among students with challenges in academic and school life.

Tailored Support Through Collaborative and Forward-Thinking Partnerships

Understanding the unique needs of each school, we provide personalized solutions to help your school meet the demands of the moment and the future to which you aspire. Our engagements focus on a range of individually designed, project-based or comprehensive services scoped to fit your specific institutional needs and goals.

With a history dating back to 1955 working with over 200 independent schools and students and families from over 35 states and 65 countries, we have established a proven track record as a trusted partner in educational planning, fostering brighter futures for both institutions and learners worldwide.

Partner with us to expand your institutional knowledge and elevate your recruitment and student outcomes.

We're Here to Help You Enhance Your Student-Centered Institutional Goals