Mary – College Athletics Applicant

Mary, from Vancouver, British Columbia attended a competitive independent day school. Highly accomplished in a broad range of activities, Mary was an excellent student and had taken AP classes in almost every subject area. She was a Prefect at her school and she was a national level field hockey player. Mary was an incredibly hard worker, but when her parents brought her to Boston in her sophomore year she was already overwhelmed by anticipation of the college process. She had high aspirations and also needed help with the complexities of the athletic recruiting process.

The first goal was to help Mary organize the aspects of her application process so that she could easily control each component. We helped her compose introductory letters to college field hockey coaches and suggested a list of colleges she should visit over the summer to decide the characteristics she was looking for in academics, social life and athletics. She also prepared an athletic resume. We helped her to plan out her schedule of testing so that she could organize her preparation. As she began to define her wishes and dreams, we worked with Mary to narrow down the list. We also advised her on how to filter the conversations she had with coaches so that she could understand their level of interest. She worked hard over the summer writing her college essays on her experiences with Afghan refugee children and about her own diverse background. By mid October of her senior year, she had completed all of applications, and was eventually accepted early decision to Yale.