Nanny Noyes, M.Ed.

Educational Counselor

Nanny brings decades of experience as an educator and admissions expert in school and college planning to her work with McMillan Education students and families. Her mixture of personal warmth and enthusiasm for young people is obvious in the genuine relationships she builds as she guides students to discover their unique talents and interests through the educational planning process. She enjoys using her master’s level training in counseling to destress the pressures students inevitably experience as they navigate the technical and emotional challenges of school and college planning and athletic recruiting. Nanny’s background in the arts and athletics makes her an ideal educational counselor for students pursuing their creative passions and athletic goals at both the school and college level.

Nanny joined the McMillan Education team after gaining extensive experience as an independent educational consultant specializing in college counseling in the Greater Boston area. Her college counseling expertise has been informed by her work in admission at Northeastern University. Nanny’s admission expertise also extends to the realm of independent schools. In addition to working in advancement at Pingree School in Hamilton, Massachusetts, she served in the admission office where she enjoyed interviewing students, meeting with families and contributing to the evaluative process of admission by committee. As a fierce student advocate, Nanny’s commitment to education extended to her local charter school in Marblehead, Massachusetts, where she served as the Director of the Education Foundation and used her considerable skills in advancement, development, and grant writing to secure funds for educational programming.

A true renaissance individual, Nanny sees her love of both the arts and athletics as a means to connect with students and guide them as they travel their unique educational path. As a former Division I athlete in lacrosse and crew, Nanny has been a long-time coach of lacrosse in both school and league teams. In addition to lacrosse, Nanny has enjoyed coaching field hockey and cross country skiing at the high school level. She has also remained connected to her love of the arts by serving on the Board of the Marblehead Museum and Historical Society and through her work as a designer.

Nanny earned her bachelor’s degree in art history from Dartmouth College and her master’s degree in counseling from Lesley University.
Nanny lives on the North Shore of Boston with her husband and one “crazy” bengal cat, two golden retrievers and a rescue pup named Angus. When Nanny isn’t working with students and families, you can find her boating, pursuing everything creative, and spending time with her family at her homes away from home on the lakes of New Hampshire and in Nantucket. Nanny is a parent of three now adult children who are former independent and boarding school students.

Where Nanny comes from


Northeastern University

Pingree School

Admissions Advantage

Nanny Noyes Design

Marblehead Public Community Charter School


Admissions Reader, Interviewer, Independent College Advisor, Development Officer, Coach of Lacrosse, Field Hockey, and Cross Country Skiing, Interior Designer, Director of Education Foundation


Lesley University

M.Ed., Grief Counseling

Dartmouth College


Nanny's Insights

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