Global Institutional Consulting

Empowering International Schools to
Elevate Student Outcomes

For decades, McMillan Education has empowered international students, families, educators, and institutions worldwide to navigate the complex international and US university admissions process successfully.

We are a team of former independent school and university educators and admissions experts dedicated to enhancing the mission-aligned goals of international schools seeking to elevate university planning standards and adapt to evolving higher education trends. Our tailored services, including one-on-one and group university planning for students, customized workshops for school Boards, administration and faculty, expert program and curricular guidance, and on-site and virtual sessions and webinars, are designed to meet your institution’s unique needs.

With a history dating back to 1955 working with students from over 65 countries, we have established a proven track record as a trusted partner in educational planning, fostering brighter futures for both institutions and learners worldwide. Join us on this transformative journey to empower your students for a world of global learning opportunities.

Expanding Institutional Knowledge

University Counseling for Individual Students and Student Groups

We provide hybrid university planning led by our experts, starting in junior year, focused on US, UK, Canadian, and English-speaking universities in the EU. Early college planning for freshmen and sophomores is also increasingly popular. Our international university planning experts visit our school partners for in-person meetings with students, families, and school officials. Our W.I.S.E. Method of Educational Planning, supported by our custom-designed technologies, offers holistic counseling involving step-by-step, developmentally-grounded guidance, including optimal university list creation, admissions strategies, summer internship and program planning, and intensive application workshops during summers and school breaks. We also refer students to appropriate educational evaluations and top university entrance test prep providers, as needed.

University Counseling Program Consulting

As former educators and school leaders, we specialize in supporting a wide range of university counseling programs, from the highly experienced to the new or developing program. We offer expertise in optimizing student application experiences and outcomes, utilizing cutting-edge tools, and implementing best practices. Your school’s university planning office benefits from our team’s collaborative and collegial approach to helping university counselors get the best from their students and from our specialized expertise in university planning for athletes and students with learning differences. We also enjoy sharing our expertise through the enhancement or development of effective college office systems and comprehensive university planning curricula for students.

Board of Trustees Education and Strategic Planning

McMillan Education is a trusted ally for educational leaders. We partner with and offer guidance to Heads of School and admissions officers, helping them educate their Trustees and establish strategic goals aligned with evolving student and family profiles, recruitment strategies, curriculum and program development, and staffing needs. We aim to provide international schools with the most current information on student and admission trends, challenges, and opportunities in order to optimize their strategic planning to create a robust, mission-aligned institutional future.

Admission Staff & Faculty Training in Learning Differences and Student Mental Health

McMillan Education has extensive specialized training and experience in learning differences and student mental health. We provide faculty training and consult with admission offices to help them effectively assess and address student needs. Our expertise aims to help schools identify students in the admission process who can properly thrive in their unique educational environments with the appropriate support. Likewise, we engage with in-service faculty training to help teachers understand effective strategies to promote learning and success among students with challenges in academic and school life.

How We Work with You

Tailored Support for Collaborative and Forward-Thinking Partnerships

Understanding the unique needs of each international school, we provide personalized solutions tailored to help you navigate the intricate International and US admissions processes, supporting the advancement of your institutional goals on the global stage. These engagements focus on a range of individually designed, project-based or long-term comprehensive services scoped to fit your specific institutional needs.

We're Here to Help You Enhance Your Student-Centered Institutional Goals