Developmental and Academic Crisis

We see your child’s crisis through the inherently optimistic perspective of developmental psychology

We see your child’s crisis through a developmental lens

We help pre-adolescents, adolescents and young adults facing academic obstacles, emotional distress, behavioral missteps, and diminished confidence that interferes with their ability to meet the demands of their educational, family, or social environments find a way back to a path of healthy development.

While schools, families, and often the young person, are most focused on the apparent vulnerabilities, mistakes, and underlying personal deficits that are likely contributing to the unwanted situation, we see your child’s crisis through the inherently optimistic perspective of developmental psychology. We recommend schools and programs that help the young person acquire better and stronger skills for living and learning, while unlearning and replacing habits that have not served them, their families, or futures well.

Some of our specialties

  • School resistance or refusal
  • Mood & behavioral dysregulation
  • Developmental trauma
  • Co-occurring ASD – mental health
  • Self-medication & substance abuse
  • Young adult challenges
  • Disciplinary issues & poor decisions
  • School planning following treatment
  • College planning following treatment

We do not work with actively suicidal students and we not make referrals based on insurance coverage

Our effective partnerships with families

Our families come to us looking to trust the guidance of our highly experienced counselors who understand the nature of the struggle their child is confronting, the interventions that will create healing, and the programs and schools where that journey is best undertaken.

We choose to work with only a small group of the country’s premier private therapeutic and special needs programs and schools where our students have thrived and whose therapeutic and clinical programs and staffing we know well. Our effective partnerships with families assume that they are seeking our expertise as a better and more informed alternative to online research or the opinion of those who do not, as we do, have the deep firsthand knowledge of these programs that only our regular site visits and direct, positive experiences of our many students who have thrived in these programs can bear witness to.

Our dual expertise keeps you on track

Our experts have the rare combination of being clinicians, educators, and admission experts at the school and college levels.

This multidisciplinary approach allows us to identify the appropriate therapeutic and/or educational options that reveal your child’s potential path from crisis to stability, while also monitoring their academic progress with the goal of returning to a mainstream educational path forward at the right moment for the student. Following an effective therapeutic placement, our experts help your child find the right school or college suited for their continuing growth and equipped to meet their academic, social, and emotional needs.

Our Crisis Planning Experts

Don and Sarah McMillan have assembled a team of educators-admissions experts whose collective experience is unparalleled in the field of educational counseling.

Sarah McMillan, Ed.D.

CEO/Developmental Psychologist

Kelly McAdams, MSW, LICSW

Educational Counselor

Chris Hawk, MSW, LCSW

Educational Counselor

Rachel Leja, M.S.

Educational Counselor

Samantha McMillan New, OTR/L MOT

Educational Counselor

Carolyn Nelson, M.Ed.

Chair, School Planning Practice

Jamie Paul

Educational Counselor

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