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McMillan Education is Boston’s foremost independent educational consultancy. For more than sixty years, we have helped families worldwide with independent boarding and day school, college, and graduate program planning. 

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OWL Portal™

We provide our students and families with an online collection of helpful, practical information that allows families to educate themselves at their own pace while simultaneously expecting timely guidance by their consultant.

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Ann Magno
Ann Magno Office Manager

Ann is the warm and welcoming face of McMillan Education. While attending to the myriad of tasks of running the office of a busy professional firm, Ann's primary goal is to answer families' initial questions about our services and make them feel comfortable with the next steps in the process. Get to know Ann

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Leveraging Our Tech Tools to Help Find the Right School or College
Leveraging Our Tech Tools to Help Find the Right School or College

What I love about our industry-leading tech tools is they allow our students and their parents extra resources to benefit from on top of the personalized counseling we provide. And though we pride ourselves on the easy access we provide our families, the OWL Portal and other tech resources are open 24/7. Read more


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