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McMillan Education is the country’s oldest and foremost independent educational consultancy. For close to seventy years, families from the U.S. and abroad have benefited from our expertise in all educational levels, types, and specializations in a student’s journey. Our unrivaled understanding of best admission practices combined with our deep knowledge of child, adolescent, and young adult development are at the core of our state of the art W.I.S.E. Method of Educational Planning™, a highly personalized process that promotes self-discovery, meaningful connection, effective task completion, and student-centered results in school, college, graduate and other areas of educational planning

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College Acceptance List

A list of colleges and universities our students have been accepted to from 2018-2023.

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School Acceptance List

A list of independent day and boarding schools our students have been accepted to from 2018-2023.

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Click the link below to view 2023’s Educational Trends & Preview of 2024’s Admissions Landscape.  
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2023 Trends: What We Saw in Schools & Colleges Like boarding and independent day schools, the therapeutic field of private behavioral health schools and programs saw a large surge of students seeking...

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