5 Mistakes Parents Make in Athletic Recruiting

Kim Chorosiewski, Ed.D., CSCS, CMAA Believing the hype about how good your child is or is not Assuming that your child will “get” recruited Grades don’t matter if the student-athlete is good enough The club or high school coach will do the work to “connect” the coaches and student-athlete If my child does not want […]

Proper Balance Between Specialization and a Holistic Experience

The beauty is finding the right fit, the natural fit. To be perfect, you have to feel perfect about yourself. This quotation from NY Times best selling author Rick Riordan best describes my experience as a presenter and attendee at the Small Boarding Schools Association Conference in Florida last week. The sentiment mirrors the mantra […]

Finding Wisdom in Knowledge

W.I.N. for Athletic Recruits W.I.N. is a simple but powerful acronym that comes from the famous Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz. It stands for ‘What’s Important Now?’ As student-athletes roll into summer, the checklist for W.I.N. items is simple, but equally meaningful and important. We already know that the “secret” to recruiting is NOT […]

Alex Clark’s Post-Graduate Year Perspective

When I was first accepted into college in 2009, I was thrilled. I had gotten into my first choice school, Elon University in North Carolina, and felt like I had accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish during my high school career. However, as the summer months came to a close and my departure for Elon […]

The Role of the Post Graduate (PG) Year in Preparation for College

Not Just For Athletes Anymore I have worked with many PG students who have eventually declared the PG experience as essential to their growth and success. These students are young women and men, some student athletes, who have chosen to commence to another challenge before taking on the new world that is the college experience. […]