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W.I.N. for Athletic Recruits

W.I.N. is a simple but powerful acronym that comes from the famous Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz. It stands for ‘What’s Important Now?’ As student-athletes roll into summer, the checklist for W.I.N. items is simple, but equally meaningful and important.

We already know that the “secret” to recruiting is NOT to keep “it” a secret. So W.I.N. is sharing information with coaches and continuing to establish and maintain relationships with colleges/universities of interest. Keeping in mind the various NCAA rules, getting and keeping in contact with coaches in a meaningful manner assures that information can and will be shared.

Part I – Essential W.I.N. Items to Share

  • Academic Profile – Grades, test scores and upcoming dates, class schedule
  • Athletic Schedule – Summer clinics, camps and tournaments/events
  • Visit Plan – When you will visit with admission for a tour/info session
  • Meeting – Your intent/desire to meet with coach on campus during visit or other time

Part II – W.I.N. to Know From Coaches

In order to know where a student-athlete is on the recruiting lists of coaches, the summer, if not sooner, is a great time to ask questions in order to make wise decisions moving forward. To start with, consider what you actually need to know (don’t be shy!) and build a list of questions to ask coaches. I have what I call an algorithm of questions that help my student-athletes consider what they need to know and when. The list is extensive but helps drive the process of distilling exactly where the student stands as a potential candidate for each college/university.

Sample Questions for Coaches:

  • Did you get a chance to see my video and take a look at my grades?
  • Do I potentially fit into your plans as a recruit or possibly as a walk-on?
  • How many (position, i.e. midfielders) are you looking to recruit?
  • Do you see me as potentially becoming a part of your recruiting class?

Finally, the relationship between the student-athlete and coach is W.I.N. Student-athlete asking the right questions at the right time will help map the recruiting plan moving forward. Each student-athlete’s journey is specialized based on sport, timing and college competition level. What do you need to know to make a wise decision?

About The Author

Kim Chorosiewski, Ed.D., CSCS, CMAA