Graduate Program Planning

Your decision to pursue an MBA, J.D., LLM., M.D., D.D.S, or other graduate degrees in science or engineering, the humanities, or social sciences is a life-changing one. At McMillan Education, we’re here to help you realize your dream.

We understand the high stakes of your graduate admissions process that can make an already challenging endeavor unduly stressful for you. If you are a post-grad and officially living and working in the real world or if you are finishing up a demanding undergraduate degree, identifying the right graduate program and launching a successful candidacy can put an additional strain on your already busy life. And even though you successfully navigated the undergraduate admission process, you have a sense that the complexity, cost, intensity, and highly competitive landscape of your unique graduate school admission process means you need expert guidance.

Our graduate and professional school planning counselors are here to guide you through acquiring the considerable specialized knowledge and implementing the details of a successful graduate candidacy. We help you avoid costly errors, uninformed admissions strategies, loss of precious time, later employment difficulties, and unnecessary stress in your efforts to enhance your personal and professional development through the graduate education of your choice.

Fortunately, with the right planning and counseling, the journey towards the professional career that proves right for you can be a highly informed and deliberate one that maximizes your successful candidacy.