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McMillan Education is Boston’s foremost independent educational consultancy. For more than sixty years, we have helped families worldwide with independent boarding and day school, college, and graduate program planning. 

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We provide our students and families with an online collection of helpful, practical information that allows families to educate themselves at their own pace while simultaneously expecting timely guidance by their consultant.

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Brendon Welker
Brendon Welker, M.A.L.S. Educational Consultant

Brendon brings over twenty years of experience working with students and families in schools as an admission director, educator, coach, and dorm parent. His extensive admission expertise extends from the school process to college planning. Brendon enjoys working with a wide range of students, including international students, athletes, and those who enjoy the arts.Get to know Brendon

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When We Help Our Kids Too Much
When We Help Our Kids Too Much

When my daughter was in high school, her physics teacher lamented that while she was not afraid of the most complex physics problems, she was stymied by remembering to bring a pencil to class.Read more


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