John – College Applicant

John was a boarder at a highly competitive school in the Boston area. He had been a client of ours for secondary school placement and returned to McMillan Education for the college search. John’s parents are divorced and had different thoughts on goals for John’s college experience. John was a very independent and creative young man who enjoyed deep intellectual investigation. He placed great value on peers who enjoyed discussing ideas, and he relished the opportunity to interact with his teachers. John had done very well at his school, although he was not at the top of his class, not least because he was motivated by interests more than grades.

John was highly involved in theater productions, had always loved outdoor activities, played soccer and ultimate frisbee and was a proctor in his dorm. When he came to McMillan Education as a junior he was looking for an opportunity to be his own advocate in the college application process. Because his parents differed in their thoughts about fit, John was looking for support in articulating his needs. He also needed assistance in crystallizing his vision of a college where he would thrive as a student and grow as a person.

With help from McMillan Education, John became more adept at advocating for himself and eventually took more charge of the entire process. He took college trips with his parents, and they began to understand his needs. John worked hard over the summer to complete his essays and create a portfolio of his work in technical theater. He looked both at Ivies and at small Liberal Arts colleges. In the end, he was accepted at almost all of the colleges to which he applied. John is currently attending Reed college in Portland, Oregon, a perfect fit for this unique young man.