Why American Students Should Consider Pursuing a Full Undergraduate Degree Abroad

“Happy Birthday, Study Abroad! – Packing for One Year vs. Four” While the year 2023 will go down in history for many memorable events both notorious and noteworthy, you may not know that 2023 also marks the 100th anniversary of the first fully accredited study abroad program at a U.S. university! And, did you know […]

Write on: Organize your Essay Writing Early!

American universities love essays. Our College Planning Chair and Chief Outreach Officer for Student and Family Engagement Peter Olrich shares a video with tips for identifying and organizing all the essay writing you’ll need to do as part of your application process.  Even when applying through the Common Application, there are many additional college-specific essays […]

The Power of the Passport

With the recent presidential election in the United States, many of our families living abroad have asked how international students will be received at American colleges and universities in the future. Will visas continued to be issued? Will it be safe to live and study in the U.S.? Will the same opportunities that have afforded […]

Studying in the US: What Are the Best Options For Bermudians?

Why Come to the U.S.? We’ve helped dozens of families from Bermuda find the best school and college in the States. But why come to the US? Let’s first examine the 24/7 advantage of boarding schools for students ages 10-18 – then discuss the benefits of the liberal arts at American universities. What are the […]

Click Deeper Into College Websites

Don’t all the smiling students and lush campuses splashed across college websites look the same? In truth, you’ve got to click deep into a site to discover distinguishing features. Think of the website more as a way to interact with a school than to size it up the way you once would with a shiny […]

Benefits of Attending University in the U.K.

Often when families come into our office they know just what they want, but still, we know how important it is to ask and provide all the different options. We love asking about Gap years, traveling, and about attending university in a different country especially the United Kingdom. While many families will think instantly of […]

Grit, Inspiration, & New Hampshire Boarding Schools

A Yankee Recipe For Success David Brooks recently wrote a column, “Putting Grit in its Place,” in which he references the current fascination with this formative four-letter word. He initially defines grit more in the negative as “the ability to trudge through long stretches of difficulty.” Parents often invoke this definition of grit to urge […]