Visiting the University of Glasgow: “Changing History Since 1451”

On a crisp afternoon in early November, my colleague Amy Christie and I visited the University of Glasgow, the 2023 Scottish University of the Year that is ranked the number two university in Scotland. Located in the heart of the historic part of town, Glasgow’s campus was teeming with students from all around the world. A banner reading, “Changing History Since 1451” definitely caught our American eyes. Like other major Scottish universities, Glasgow combines rich historic landmarks and classrooms that have been inhabited by students for over 500 years with everything you’d expect from a leading modern university.  While Glasgow has a broad array of offerings for its 28,000 students, it is particularly strong in the sciences, where it has numerous programs ranked among the top in the UK, in Europe, and in the world.  

The University welcomes applications and students from all over the world, accepting many national school qualifications, including many European, SAT & AP if applying from the USA, and CICSE or CBSE if applying from India. A range of Foundation programmes are also available via Glasgow International College.

Visit the International students site and select your country from the drop-down menu for specific information. While some of the other incredible options may catch your attention first when exploring Scottish universities, Glasgow is worthy of a careful look!

About The Author

Peter Olrich, MBA