School Decisions and What it All Means

Since the January 15th application deadline, students have patiently waited for their decisions to arrive, while admissions offices have been hard at work reading essays, reviewing interview notes, and discussing applicants.  Soon, they will notify students and families of their decisions:  Accept, Deny, or Waitlist. For students with a balanced list of schools, they will often receive a mix of these results – and with them can come a range of emotions, from absolute elation to dejection.  

Once students know their options, they can begin to plan to revisit their top two or three schools.  Accepted Student Days are a great way to get back on campus, meet current students and teachers, and look at the school with a fresh perspective before making a final decision.  We will offer more specific advice on revisit days in the coming weeks.

We remind our students that being denied admission is not a reflection of themselves.  Oftentimes, schools receive many more qualified applicants than they have open spots, especially at certain entry points.  This may also be the first time a student has faced a significant setback, and we understand that it can be a difficult period of time processing the results.

The Waitlist offers a student some hope of being accepted later in the spring.  So while there may be the initial disappointment of not being accepted, the possibility of an offer remains.  We will be sharing more on how to communicate with Waitlist schools soon.  

About The Author

Tony Lambert, M.A.