Make a Positive Impression: Say “Thank You”

One way to help make yourself more memorable: follow up with thank you emails. While handwritten notes are nice, it is easier for the admission person to respond to an email and attach it to your file. So be sure to get your interviewer’s name and business card during your visit, as well as the name and contact information of anyone else in the community who took time to make your visit memorable.

Here are some basic principles of email contact with school officials, coaches and teachers:

  • Make the email short and to the point.

  • The content needs to be specific to the school and the person with whom you are corresponding. (“I loved seeing the Riley Maker’s Space with my tour guide Susie since I am a member of my school’s robotics team.”

  • Be factual. For example, if you are sharing something new about yourself, don’t brag (“I am the best rower.”). Stay to the facts (“My boat came in first in our race on Saturday.”).

  • Salutations should be accurate and address the individual formally. Know the person’s name and spell it correctly. Always begin and end written correspondence formally, thanking the person for his or her time.

  • The email must have correct grammar and written mechanics. A sloppy email will go in the candidate’s file and count against him or her.

  • Too many emails is a bad idea. Don’t become a “pest” or a “squeaky wheel.” Choose your correspondence wisely.

  • If you receive an email from a school representative, respond within 24 hours.

If your parents feel like sending a note as well, they are welcome to do so!

About The Author

Susanna Beckwith, MALS