OWL Portal Introduces New Athletic Recruiting Portal

At McMillan Education, integrating our comprehensive college planning guidance with the exciting yet complex process of athletic recruiting is both a passion and an area of deep expertise. Our athletic recruiting specialists know that for many athletes sports are so much more than just a rewarding pastime. So we treat the goals of the serious college-bound athlete, as well as the athlete considering playing sports in college, as an integral part of a successful college planning process.

To aid in our work with the aspiring athletic recruit, McMillan Education’s recruiting specialists — who are former collegiate athletes and high school or college coaches themselves — have compiled a rich store of information that guides our athletic recruits through the arduous and often perilous recruiting process with tailored step-by-step practical advice designed to maximize the recruit’s desired outcomes.

Introducing McMillan Education’s newest addition to our privileged client access OWL Portal: Athletics!

Our aspiring collegiate athletes immediately benefit from over 60 articles detailing each facet of the recruiting process as part of our comprehensive services. Our Athletic Portal enhances our signature guidance in the following areas:

  • Best practices for self-marketing
  • Special considerations that go into the academic and standardized test planning for the student athlete
  • Evaluating and developing the student athlete’s collegiate athletic profile and potential
  • Creating and cultivating a college list that aligns with both the academic and athletic profile and goals of the recruit
  • Strategies for successful unofficial and official visits
  • Guidance navigating “offers”

Learn more about our McMillan Education Athletic Recruiting process or connect with one of our recruiting specialists. If you’re already one of our athletic clients, log-in to your OWL Portal account to see the new Athletic content and how it can benefit your dream of being a college athlete.

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