Meet our New Leadership Team!

We are delighted to (re)introduce (old) friends and colleagues who are taking on new leadership roles as we continue to grow and innovate in order to best serve our students and families!

The past two years have brought a significant increase in families seeking our school and college planning guidance as they face the complexities and unknowns of the educational and admission landscapes. While the two of us continue to run the daily operations of our practice and maintain our close relationships with our students, families, and school partners, our new leadership team allows us to establish an even stronger commitment to providing our counselors with cutting edge professional development and innovative technological tools that stay out in front of educational and admission trends and better serve our families.

You may already know Amy Christie, Carolyn Nelson, and Kim Chorosiewski, all of whom have served McMillan Education families for years in college and school planning. Their exemplary work embodies our core values of advocating for the whole student, finding the best educational fit, contributing to our team, and embracing innovative practices that serve families and makes transitioning into these leadership roles a natural for them and for the rest of our team. We are deeply grateful for and proud of their steward leadership of our team’s professional development and the ongoing enhancements and expansion of our customized, interactive WISE Method of school and college planning. So please join us in celebrating our friends and colleagues!

Amy, Carolyn and Kim’s leadership will also benefit the incredible additions we will be making to our school and college planning counseling staff. Stay tuned for more news on that exciting front!

Thank you for sharing in our mission to guide students toward educational environments that fit their strengths, meet their needs, and promote their positive growth and potential!

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