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Contact: David “Doc” Potter [email protected]
94 Old Main Street, P.O. Box 8, Deerfield, MA 01432
Inquiry Link: Bement School

The Bement School, founded in 1925 and located in historic Deerfield, MA, is a co-educational junior boarding and day school serving 220 students in grades kindergarten through grade 9. Boarding is offered for grades 3-9. Bement’s secondary school preparatory curriculum motivates and challenges students with rigorous learning. Bement students flourish in a renowned fine arts program and competitive athletic offerings. Bement actively seeks an academically diverse, international, and multicultural student body. Students and adults at Bement work together to create a climate of acceptance, kindness, and challenge in which the academic, creative, physical, and emotional growth of each child is nurtured and realized. Students are well prepared at Bement and go on to attend Deerfield, NMH, Williston, Andover, Milton, Suffield, Choate, Hotchkiss, Taft, Berkshire, Loomis Chaffee, Ethel Walkers, Lawrenceville, Peddie, and Blair among others. Signature programs include mini-term, Pine Hill Outdoor Education Center, daily fine arts and athletics for every student all year.

Contact: Chip Audett [email protected]
62 Alumni Drive, Canaan, New Hampshire 03741
Inquiry Link: Cardigan Mountain School

Cardigan Mountain School is an all-boys junior boarding school with an enrollment of 220 students typically coming from 20-25 states and 12-15 foreign countries. Through a traditional, pre-college preparatory academic program that is both challenging and supportive along with extensive co-curricular offerings in the arts and athletics, we prepare middle school boys for success in secondary school and beyond. Our PEAKS (Personalized Education for the Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills) Department helps each boy come to understand his own unique learning style and develop his organizational, time management and study skills. The School’s core values of compassion, integrity, respect, and courage are at the center of our residential community and fully integrated into the day-to-day life of students and faculty alike, and leadership and global awareness are also key focal points of our overall program.

During the spring trimester of Grade 8 the students begin our comprehensive secondary school placement process which continues through March of Grade 9, with many of our graduates matriculating at some of the most selective schools in the US, including Andover, Choate, Deerfield, Exeter, Hotchkiss, Lawrenceville, Middlesex, Milton, St. Paul’s, and Taft.

Contact: Christopher Loftus [email protected]
271 Pine Nook Road, P.O. Box 7, Deerfield, Massachusetts 01342
Inquiry Link: Eaglebrook School

Eaglebrook is a school for boys in the sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. In a warm, caring, structured atmosphere boys learn more than they ever thought possible, discover inner resources, develop self-confidence, and have fun along the way. In addition, Eaglebrook helps each boy to come into full and confident possession of his innate talents, to improve the skills needed for the challenges of secondary school, and to establish values that will allow him to be a person who respects individual differences and acts with thoughtfulness and humanity. Eaglebrook was founded in 1922 and is located in Deerfield, Massachusetts on the western slopes of Mt. Pocumtuck.

Contact: Jennifer Weeden [email protected]
48 Main St., Southborough, MA 01772
Inquiry Link: Fay School

Fay School is located in Southborough, Massachusetts, on a beautiful and safe 63-acre campus just 25 miles from Boston. We welcome 475 students in kindergarten through grade nine. Our Upper School enrolls 275 students in grades 7-9. Of those, 150 students are boarders from across the United States and around the world. In addition to core courses of mathematics, science, English, and history, students take art, music, world languages, and courses in our Innovation Lab. Upper School students participate in interscholastic athletics, a public speaking program, and clubs. Our community shares five core values: Academic Excellence, Honorable Conduct, Dedicated Service, Earnest Effort, and Wellness of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Our school motto, Poteris Modo Velis (“You can if you will”) highlights our emphasis on determination, effort, and resilience. While the School has grown and evolved since its founding, our central purpose has remained constant: we provide our students with the foundation for a meaningful life.

Contact: Caleb Thomson [email protected]
250 Waltham Street, West Newton, MA 02465
Inquiry Link: Fessenden School

Located just minutes from historic Boston, Fessenden is the oldest boarding school for boys ages 11-15. Fessenden emphasizes academics, character education, and the pursuit of passions. It provides a nurturing environment that allows boys to develop the skills, independence and self-esteem needed to thrive in the multicultural, technology-driven world they are poised to inherit. The Fessenden boarding experience is specifically-designed to provide the academic, social, and emotional support boys need during the critical pre-teen/teen years. During the week, boys work hard in the classroom and play hard on the sports fields, but weekends are reserved for fun with friends and faculty. With 20-25 different activities offered each weekend, it is no wonder that Fessenden’s weekend program is considered one the best in the country. Boys from the US and around the world thrive in Fessenden’s diverse, inclusive and nurturing community and graduate well prepared for secondary school and beyond.

Contact: Sean Hayes [email protected]
404 Robin Hill St., Marlborough, MA
Inquiry Link: Hillside School

Hillside School provides a structured, supportive and challenging academic environment for boys in grades 4 – 9. Boarding and day students enjoy an engaging, multi-sensory, boys centric curriculum along with 20+ competitive athletic offerings. Hillside’s unique academic and leadership program, “Shades of Blue,” builds character while holding students accountable to the school’s core values. Our purposely small population of 165 boys is diverse representing 13 countries and 13 states. Academic classes average 10 boys, easily allowing teaching faculty to meet the individual needs of each boy’s learning profile and differentiate instruction when necessary. Hillside consistently graduates confident, responsible leaders who are well equipped to navigate the secondary school world. Our alumni know how to self-advocate having gained a keen awareness of what will help them thrive academically, athletically, artistically, and socially. Matriculation includes but is not limited to St. Mark’s, Middlesex, Avon, Tabor, St. George’s, Pomfret, Concord Academy, Kent, Lawrence Academy, Loomis Chaffee.

Contact: Heather Eckert [email protected]
211 Indian Mountain Rd, Lakeville, CT 06039
Inquiry Link: Indian Mountain School

Indian Mountain School offers a coeducational boarding and day experience for students in pre-kindergarten through grade nine. Providing a distinctive and transformational learning experience, IMS makes use of an extraordinary 600 acre campus to connect their curriculum to the natural world. The cohesive program prepares students with the skills and habits of mind necessary for future success. Indian Mountain School inspires in each member of its community the courage to climb, the joy to create, the passion to learn, and the spirit to contribute in kind and meaningful ways.

Contact: David Damico [email protected]
4382 Cascade Rd. Lake Placid, NY 12946
Inquiry Link: North Country School

Founded in 1938, North Country School has a long history of using nature, hands-on learning and meaningful work to educate children in grades 4-9, allowing them to grow, develop and explore under the guidance of talented, nurturing adults. Our values of sustainable living and social responsibility guide our curriculum and community expectations and are evident in all aspects of our programming, from our daily chores, family-style residences and Net Zero performing arts center to our emphasis on healthy, locally-sourced food, the diverse perspectives we bring to our classrooms and our extensive daily art offerings. Our 220-acre campus in upstate New York’s Adirondack Park features a sustainable farm, a private lake, a rock-climbing crag, a ski hill and miles of forest trails for horseback riding, mountain biking and cross-country skiing. A North Country School education helps children develop into confident and curious learners who contribute positively to the world around them.

Contact: Lesley Gibbs [email protected]
528 Pomfret Street, Pomfret, CT 06258
Inquiry Link: Rectory School

Rectory School is a coed, K-9 private school located on 138 acres in Pomfret, Connecticut. Rectory offers 5-day and 7-day boarding programs for students. At Rectory, understanding your child is our priority. Not all students learn the same, which is why we surround your child with adults who believe all students can succeed when they are given the tools that fit their particular learning style. Students are encouraged to reach beyond their comfort level, while building valuable life skills. Rectory’s supportive environment enables us to create a personalized learning plan that fits your child. Our Individualized Instruction Program allows students to build subject-specific skills, develop executive functioning strategies, and gain the remediation and enrichment they need to thrive in the overall academic program… and in life. All aspects of our program are rooted in the core values of the School Creed: Responsibility, Respect, Honesty, and Compassion.

Contact: Ben Tuff [email protected]
201 Romford Rd, Washington Depot, CT 06794
Inquiry Link: Rumsey Hall School

Rumsey Hall School is a co-ed junior boarding school who is committed to a whole-child approach to education and believes that teaching academics and teaching an attitude of mind are of equal importance. The School emphasizes effort as a criterion for success and is dedicated to helping each child develop toward his or her maximum stature as an educated person, a successful member of a family, and a contributing member of a community. It is located in Northwest Connecticut in the rolling hills of the Shepaug Valley.

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