It’s Never Too Early — Or Too Late — To Apply To Boarding School

The arrival of spring brings the onset of warmer weather, reimagined hopes, and new opportunities. And just as spring signifies the start of the second season of the calendar year, it also harkens in the second season for boarding school admission. While most schools have application deadlines in January and early February, many schools will continue to welcome applications through the spring and into the early summer. In fact, many schools will save space for mission-appropriate students who begin the process in the spring with the intention of enrolling a select group of students who bring talents and skills that are essential to their schools. And the decades’-long relationships that McMillan Education has forged with school admissions officers often allow us to provide our students access to interviews and applications at schools that are “full” even after the application “deadlines.”

This “second season” provides an opportunity for those students who had intended to begin their school search the following year to accelerate their process, and for those who have just recently decided to pursue boarding school to potentially secure a position for the fall. Additionally, a candidate who didn’t get good news on the traditional decision day of March 10 can reboot and start an additional “second season” search. Regardless of the category a student may fall into, it is important to note that there are still good opportunities available and that finding the right “fit” remains of paramount importance.

Whether you are a student who has found great success in school and is looking for more of a challenge, a student/athlete who is looking for a more competitive athletic and academic balance, or a student who has not found the success you are seeking in your current school setting – perhaps due to a learning or behavioral issue – chances are, there is a school we can help you apply to this spring.

Where To Look?
The most highly selective schools often do not have space in the spring, but many other schools will. Just as is the case for students following the traditional school planning calendar, we encourage second season applicants to identify the qualities and characteristics that are most important to them to finding success, both in and out of the classroom. Structure, academic support, artistic and athletic offerings, service, and leadership options are just a few elements to consider. Once the “essentials” list is formulated, your McMillan consultant can help you identify the schools with the programs you are seeking. And because McMillan Education works closely with schools throughout the country, we are often aware of which schools have space, and those that do not, thus helping to streamline the search process for students. Collectively, the 10 of us have recently visited most of the schools, or hosted them for a session in our offices. We’ve also worked at many of these schools ourselves.

When To Look?
Now! While many schools have space in the spring and even summer, availability is extremely limited, and it is important to begin the process as soon as possible. In short, if you are curious about exploring these opportunities, we encourage students and parents to begin the process immediately.

Due to the nature of school calendars, the application timeline is accelerated for spring and summer applicants. Rather than waiting several months for a decision, students will often be notified in a matter of weeks. And while this calendar benefits students (and schools), it does require careful planning and the ability to coordinate transcripts, teacher recommendations, and testing in an efficient and timely manner.

How Can McMillan Education Help?
Your McMillan Education consultant will assist you through each step of the application process – from identifying the qualities and characteristics that are most important in maximizing your success in your next school, to creating a school list, providing interview preparation, and outlining all of the elements that make for a successful application. What’s more, McMillan Education is a Flex Test site for the SSAT, providing students with the opportunity to sit for a SSAT in our offices and receiving your scores far more quickly than a normally scheduled national test date. And when your admission decisions arrive, we will help you navigate the decision making process of selecting your school for the fall.

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