Introducing the OWL’s Nest & our W.I.S.E. Method™ of Educational Planning services

We are delighted to introduce our new custom-designed interactive online platform called the OWL’s Nest, where our signature W.I.S.E. Method™ of Educational Planning services unfolds. The OWL’s Nest accomplishes two objectives for our McMillan Education families:

  1. seamlessly and effectively engages you in the dynamic features of your school or college search by sharing in real time personalized assignments, completion timelines, calendaring, messaging, research and reflection exercises, and mobile-friendly school or college evaluation forms;
  2. centralizes in one easy-to-navigate site our collection of rich resources for your planning journey in the form of regular personalized progress reports and a trove of informative articles related to every facet of your search written by our own wise team of educational counselors.

In short, the OWL’s Nest enhances the practice of our best-fit school and college philosophy by further de-stressing the increasingly complex admission process, emphasizing efficiency, strategical thinking, and the all-important experiences of self-discovery and, yes, even fun.

Guided by your professional and caring McMillan Educational counselor through each phase of your search represented by the W.I.S.E. acronym, you will experience the space to reflect on the educational values, programmatic features, and school or college culture that both matter to you and will constitute the environment in which you will thrive.

The W.I.S.E. Method™ also ensures that you do your homework and investigate thoroughly what transpires in real time on a campus and in a classroom. You will discover what it looks and feels like to be a student at each of the schools or colleges that interest you. As you’re skillfully guided to gather information and reflect upon its significance to your future, you experience the process of executing the application tasks with less stress, more sense of purpose and greater confidence. Finally, when you move from candidate to accepted student, the W.I.S.E. Method™ again encourages you to dig deeper into newly accessible information and to re-experience the people and places you’ve encountered along the way so that you can make the most informed decision that ends in your best fit school or college.

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