Howland, Spence, & McMillan is now McMillan, Howland, & Spence

Howland, Spence & McMillan is now McMillan, Howland & Spence: In the five years they have managed Boston’s oldest educational planning firm, Don and Sarah McMillan have continued the tradition of providing highly personalized school and college planning that has been the hallmark of the firm since 1955.

Our new name represents the McMillan leadership that has grown the team to nine outstanding consultants. Expanded services now include graduate school planning, and enhanced expertise in learning differences, athletic recruiting, the arts, and international student planning–all to better serve our families.

Our new name celebrates a future where the collective wisdom of the McMillan’s team of educational experts guides families navigating the challenging and ever-changing landscape of modern educational planning, and continues the legacy inherited from Faith Howland and Michael Spence.

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