Dedham Country Day Visit

Jamie Paul, Carolyn Nelson, Edith Adams, Amy Christie, Susanna Beckwith and Sarah McMillan recently enjoyed a wonderful visit to Dedham Country School, a PK-8 independent school outside of Boston. DCD is an exemplary, robust programming across the curriculum, from a signature, cutting edge early reading program and collaborative learning to rich arts, music and athletic offerings that are integrated into the school’s thoughtful and deliberate approach to promoting healthy whole-child development. DCD’s warm and nurturing culture works hand-in-hand with a vital and rigorous academic curriculum that forms the foundation for success in higher learning. The Adams lab, pictured here and named for our own Edith’s late husband Jock Adams, is testament to DCD’s forward-leaning integrated technology programming. DCD has been a great place for our young students eager to learn and grow in a vital peer environment.

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