2020 Spring into Summer IECA Conference

Brendon and Don presented to admissions officers and fellow educational consultants at the national IECA conference this week. Brendon spoke about students navigating gap years and executive functioning challenges, while Don moderated a panel concerning best practices for admissions offices during crises liked COVID-19

Why Gap Years and Executive Function Skills Matter Even More Now

Speaker: Katherine Stievater – IECA

Speaker: Michael Delman – Beyond BookSmart

Speaker: Noel Garrett – Connecticut College

Moderator: Brendon Welker – IECA Associate

Entering Traditional Schools in Non-Traditional Ways

Speaker: Amy Graham – Pomfret School

Speaker: Alexandra Ince – The Gunnery

Speaker: Will McCullouch – New Hampton School

Speaker: Lesley Gibbs – Rectory School

Moderator: Don McMillan – IECA

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