Socrates McMillan

Chief Wisdom Officer

As CWO, Socrates has a busy daily schedule enlightening the McMillan Education team to the priorities of a well-educated, virtuous, happy life. Known by some as the philosophy dog, Socrates has his own brand of wisdom to share. For Socrates, the most important lessons to learn are kindness, affection, fun, and how to identify the fastest possible path to a treat. As our office exemplar of virtue, Socrates is the standard bearer of caring for others. His job is to make sure that everyone knows how much they are loved and valued and he excels at it. If you are even a bit down, a pat of his soft Old English Sheepdog coat and a glance at his one blue and one brown eye will return you to a place of inner contentment. If you need a good hug, Socrates will be the first to accommodate you even though he technically isn’t supposed to get up on his hind legs. While he doesn’t have a tail that can wag to signal his happiness, you know he is sharing his natural joy for life as soon as he greets you. He readily uses his Socratic method of inquiry anytime he is looking for a belly rub or treat.

Socrates is as good a student of life as he is a teacher. He has learned how to be a good friend and sweet, playful companion from his ever-present sidekick, Crash. Like Crash, Socrates likes time away from the office as much as the next hard worker. When not sleeping in front of the window, people watching, or attracting the attention of the curious passerby in the North End Boston office, he is enjoying the commute along Fisherman’s Walk to the York, Maine office after a morning romp on the beach with the local pack of pups. He loves a good swim in the Atlantic, but the lack of a tail makes turning back for the beach after grabbing his ball a little more challenging than Crash’s paddle. Never fear! Socrates’ sweet, goofy demeanor means he takes every challenge in stride and keeps on smiling … a wise lesson all of us can benefit from!