Noah McMillan

Educational Counselor, Director of Marketing & Digital Content

Like all family businesses, the children of the proprietors are often conscripted into service and Noah was no different! So Noah has experienced McMillan Education’s multifaceted work with families and students first hand since he was old enough to be put to work. Over his many years working side-by-side with McMillan Education’s most seasoned educational counselors and benefitting from his parents’ direct mentorship and supervision, Noah developed equal expertise in school and college planning. In addition to his deep knowledge of school and college planning, Noah brings a specific skill set to his work with international families and athletes. Everyone who works with Noah appreciates his warm and positive nature and his strong skills in optimizing McMillan Education’s cutting edge technologies on behalf of students and families. Located in Rome, Italy, Noah regularly travels to see our international students and international school partners and keeps current on international school and university trends by making campus visits abroad.

When not working directly with families from all over the world in his role as educational counselor, Noah focuses on optimizing McMillan Education’s communication and outreach efforts to families, schools, universities and therapeutic programs. He also produces McMillan Education’s digital content devoted to sharing our thought leadership on a wide variety of topics related to the school, college, and admissions landscapes and education’s role in healthy student development. He plays a critical role in the development and ongoing refinement of McMillan Education’s educational planning online tools for students and families.

Noah comes to McMillan Education most recently having worked as a Behavioral Health Professional for Pathways of Maine. In this role, he provided in home mental health support for low income families. This experience reignited his passion for finding the right educational and therapeutic environment for students.

Noah also has worked on a number of federal, state and local political campaigns in Massachusetts, where he combined his interest in the foundations and practices of democracy with his communications skills. He served as a social media consultant for a fitness company. An enthusiastic contributor to McMillan Education’s community service initiatives, Noah loves guiding Beacon Academy students, who are from under-resourced families in the Greater Boston, in their journey from boarding school to college.

The consummate student-athlete and a product of the work that is at the core of McMillan Education’s mission, Noah attended independent day and boarding schools over the course of his elementary, middle and secondary education. A graduate of Avon Old Farms School, much of Noah’s early educational journey was influenced by his love for and talent in athletics. Prior to attending boarding school at Avon Old Farms, where he played football and lacrosse, Noah attended The Fay School and St. Sebastian’s School, where he discovered his passion for Classical Studies and also played hockey. He began his undergraduate studies at The College of the Holy Cross, where he declared his major in Classics and played Varsity Football. After being medically sidelined from his Division I Football career at Holy Cross, Noah decided to transfer and ended up at Tufts University, where he graduated with a degree in Classical Studies with a concentration in political philosophy.

In his free time, Noah is an avid reader of ancient history and philosophy and insatiable Boston sports fan. He lives in Rome, Italy where he loves walking among the ruins of ancient Rome with McMillan Education’s Chief Wisdom Officer, Socrates.

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