Kelly Cusack Chauncey

Practice Manager

Kelly comes to us after spending the last 13 years managing a fast-paced real estate law office. Kelly oversaw all aspects of the office, fine tuning all areas so that the office would run efficiently and effectively. Kelly is extremely detail oriented and highly organized.

Kelly and her husband have spent the last 30 years at a private middle school outside of Boston. Kelly worked 12 years as the primary house parent for 7th/8th grade girl’s dorm, and for the past 16 years her husband has been the primary house parent for 7th and 8th grade boys. Kelly’s school experience does not stop there; at Hills and Falls Nursery School in Newton Lower Falls she was the Assistant Director, Lead Teacher and supervised student teachers for 12 years. During those summers Kelly worked as the head counselor for middle school children at Dexter Southfield School in Brookline.

The private school sector is a large part of Kelly’s background, her younger siblings attended private middle, secondary, and college in the New England area. Kelly’s husband attended private middle and secondary school and is currently a history teacher, dorm parent, and football coach.

Kelly is extremely family oriented, and loves spending time with her husband Bruce, daughters Paige and Piper, and their two Labradoodles Lucy and Maple, as well as her large extended family. She’s a die-hard Red Sox and Patriots fan, loves reading, doing jigsaw puzzles, playing competitive board games and admits that she is a horrible cook.

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