Crash McMillan

Chief Happiness Officer

As CHO, Crash is the resident McMillan Education office supplier of all things happy, comforting, and soothing. For those McMillan Education students and families who love dogs or enjoy a moment of calm cuddling, Crash greets everyone with wiggly tail wags and an immediate request for a belly rub. While Crash is a happy presence who loves to destroy a good stuffed toy, he is known for his very “chill” personality. Like his constant sidekick Socrates, Crash is on a never-ending hunt for a treat, so makes the rounds of everyone in the office to see who will oblige those adorable brown eyes. He particularly likes spending time with students who are always game for benefitting from Crash’s help with a college essay or the non-verbal tips (like make good eye contact, shake hands, and be positive!) Crash gives for students’ interview prep. When not enjoying belly rubs or if families with a dog aversion come into the office, you can find Crash sleeping next to Sarah’s desk in his “place” or people watching from his Boston North End office perch.

When Crash isn’t fulfilling his CHO duties in our Boston office, playing fetch in Paul Revere Park with Socrates, or enjoying a dog walk with his fellow Boston pups, he is a local favorite in the York Village office in Southern Maine. Crash loves to jump in the back of the car when he hears the word “Maine” because he knows he’s headed to the place where, along with Socrates, he gets to swim in the ocean, chase balls on the beach and play “billy goat ball fetch” on the rocky shores of the Atlantic. No wonder he’s so happy!