Stefano – International Applicant

Two years ago we met Stefano during his junior year when he joined a group from his European high school for a talk about college admissions here in our Boston office. We impressed upon the students the importance of ‘test driving’ an American campus during the summer. And Stefano discovered that even though he spoke three languages fluently, he needed to read more literature in English – and write many more papers in English to compete for a spot at a top American college.

To refine his written English, we helped Stefano earn a placement at an intensive summer boarding school – one that also offered fun waterfront activities. And when we met him at his school during our European travels the following fall, we began the process of guiding him towards a Post-Graduate year at an American prep school. That way he could acclimate to the American system – and boost his English and SAT scores, earn teacher recommendations, and meet visiting college reps.

The summer and PG steps have now positioned Stefano to apply to top American universities.