To Our European friends: We stand by you as ‘Boston Strong’

Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers as we stand by you in solidarity after the recent terrorist attacks across Europe. Waking up to the horrible images of March 21 brought to mind brighter flashbacks of blissful visits to Brussels when I was studying, and later living, in Europe. Back then, I had felt privileged to roam through the city’s gilded squares and share time in cafés with citizens of such a diverse cultural capital. Our support is only reinforced by the fact that we, too, suffered the strike of terrorists three years ago when, just a few blocks from our office, bombs tore through our Boston Marathon on Patriots day. Europeans are resilient, and in that spirit, I look forward to returning to your continent in April, and hope to see some of you again.

Nous sommes Bruxelles. Europe Strong.

Don McMillan


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