Connecticut Office Announcement

Dear Friends of McMillan Education,

McMillan Education is pleased to announce our Farmington, Connecticut branch office located at 325 Main Street, Suite 2E Farmington, CT 06032. We are excited to provide our families in Connecticut, New York, and Western MA a more accessible office location. Like our Boston office, our Connecticut branch will serve clients all over the world. The office will be run by Brendon Welker, and will provide full college and school services with subspecialties in athletic recruiting and international students. We are thrilled to be able to expand McMillan Education’s footprint from Boston into Connecticut and the heart of so many boarding schools and colleges.

Be sure to drop by and give Brendon a visit.

Don & Sarah McMillan

CEO/Developmental Psychologist

Along with husband Don, Dr. Sarah McMillan manages the team of McMillan Education counselors. In close collaboration with the practice’s leadership team, Sarah enjoys continually enhancing the best guidance practices of the group by developing and delivering regular in-house supervision and professional development trainings focused on education and child, adolescent...


Don brings over 30 years’ experience as a passionate educator to his work overseeing McMillan Education’s leadership team and the counselors working in traditional and international school and college planning. In close collaboration with his leadership team, Don enjoys staying out ahead of admission trends and continually enhancing the best...