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Boston Common Magazine’s January 2018 edition selected our consultancy in their “Best of the City” highlight as the “Best ivy league-level admissions liaisons.” It is an honor to be recognized for our commitment to finding the best-fit environments for our students. We are grateful to our educational consultancy and the dedicated team of professionals and student advocates that fill it.

Best Ivy League-Level Admissions Liaisons

McMillan Education

Even for parents perfectly capable of closing deals before breakfast, navigating the competitive landscape of their child’s school admissions process is daunting. Luckily, our Athens of America is home to the country’s most esteemed educational consulting firm. Experts at McMillan have ushered students into the hallowed halls of the world’s top boarding schools and universities. They’ve helped struggling students earn admission to specialized schools post-deadline and spent decades buildings relationships that score A-plus results.

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