Normalizing the Neuropsych: 5 things to Know about Neuropsychological Testing for Students

5 things to Know about Neuropsychological Testing for Students A neuropsychological exam can be administered proactively, or in response to challenges a student may be facing in the classroom and/or at home. It can serve as the first step toward early identification of emerging learning or developmental challenges in younger children, and can help to […]

The SSAT: To Test or Not to Test?

For all the right reasons – among them the demonstrated link between family income and high test scores, the drive for diversity, and a recognition of different learning styles –  many independent schools have continued with the SSAT-optional stance that they adopted during the pandemic, just as colleges have largely continued with SAT/ACT optional admissions.   […]

The Virtues of Neuropsych Tests

I recently met with a family whose 16-year-old daughter, Paige, was refusing to go to school. Her parents reported that Paige was a bright student with a history of strong school performance. Recently, her grades had dropped, and her parents were puzzled about what was going on. They also said that she had distanced herself […]