The Independent School Admissions Gazette

We are excited to launch our new newsletter, where we update you on the dynamic admissions landscape, and invite you to explore the only directory providing thorough and unbiased boarding school data and descriptions, The Owl Boarding School Guide, which we curate. As lifelong educators who taught extensively in independent schools, the 20 of us here […]

Why a Boarding School is Also a Good Home

For the record, I grew up a free-lunch kid from a public school in NJ. I had no idea about boarding schools other than to suspect that if someone was “sent” there, there was a problem or something was wrong. As I completed college and entered the workforce, my career path was focused on education […]

It’s Never Too Early — Or Too Late — To Apply To Boarding School

The arrival of spring brings the onset of warmer weather, reimagined hopes, and new opportunities. And just as spring signifies the start of the second season of the calendar year, it also harkens in the second season for boarding school admission. While most schools have application deadlines in January and early February, many schools will […]

‘You Sent Your Child Away!’

Demystifying the Boarding School Experience “Why would I send my child to boarding school?” “Boarding schools are for…troubled kids.” We hear these concerns expressed frequently by families we work with. And recently I’ve been thinking about better ways to demystify the boarding school experience thanks to some work I’ve done with a wonderful group of […]