Sarah – Arts Focused College Applicant

Sarah attended a large public exam school in Boston. She was a very solid B/B+ student. She had taken five AP courses and was ranked in the top quarter of her class. Sarah served on a city-wide Youth Council, and also worked week-ends at her parents’ local restaurant. Sarah was an exceptional actress, and had performed in a range of plays at school, in summer stock, and at a repertory theater in Boston. Theater was her passion, a passion she hoped to pursue in college.

The application process is exceptionally complicated for potential theater majors. We worked with Sarah to organize her college search as early as possible. With our help, she started looking at both large and smaller colleges. The summer before her junior year, she developed her audition for the competitive theater schools. Because standardized testing was not her strength, we helped her focus on the strategies she needed for taking the SAT and ACT exams. Throughout these steps, we encouraged Sarah to continue to keep her grades up. Sarah applied to schools such as NYU/ TISCH, Northwestern, and several smaller colleges that had strong theater programs. With a number of acceptances in hand, in the end, Sarah decided to attend Connecticut College. Of all her choices, this college provided her with the chance to focus on theater while expanding her knowledge of other possible majors.

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