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A History of Good Intentions . . .Or So We Thought ACT, SAT, Subject Tests . . . . . Test Optional, Test Flexible . . . HELP!

The Evolution of College Entrance Examinations (Stewart, Johanek, 1996) Abstract Over the last 150 years, one of the hallmarks of American education has been the testing of increasingly large groups of people through processes of growing sophistication made possible by continuing advances in the technology of information processing. Much of this testing has been largely external to the instructional process, driven by the interests of policymakers and governments, especially vis-à-vis grades K-12, and has served various ends. Stewart, D. M., & Johanek, M. C. (1996). The Evolution of College Entrance Examinations. Retrieved from https://repository.upenn.edu/gse_pubs/179 Read more


Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes in the ACT

With many significant events happening in our world this week including Turkey’s airstrikes on Syria and an evolving impeachment inquiry, you may have missed the big news in college admissions that broke on Wednesday: significant changes to ACT test administrations.Read more