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The Virtues of Neuropsych Tests

I recently met with a family whose 16-year-old daughter, Paige, was refusing to go to school. Her parents reported that Paige was a bright student with a history of strong school performance. Recently, her grades had dropped, and her parents were puzzled about what was going on. They also said that she had distanced herself from longtime friends and was spending more time in her room. Once a compliant, friendly girl, Paige was now fighting with her parents who felt she was being willful and defiant in refusing to go to school; they could not understand why she was not open to reason and why she was willing to compromise her bright future. Read more

Navigating the Neuropsych

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Alex, an eleven-year-old girl whose parents were wisely thinking ahead about a high school placement for her. In our conversation, mom and dad shared that Alex had become increasingly challenged by school.Read more