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Leveraging Our Tech Tools to Help Find the Right School or College

What I love about our industry-leading tech tools is they allow our students and their parents extra resources to benefit from on top of the personalized counseling we provide. And though we pride ourselves on the easy access we provide our families, the OWL Portal and other tech resources are open 24/7. Read more

London Calling! Top Ten Reasons to Cross the Pond for College

Depending on how helplessly you have succumbed to your Netflix binge of The Crown, somewhere between The Queen’s flirtation with horse expert Porchie and Princess Margaret’s sizzling encounter with photographer Tony you may find yourself longing for a visit to jolly olde England. Read more

Success Stories

John - College Applicant

John was a boarder at a highly competitive school in the Boston area. He had been a client of ours for secondary school placement and returned to McMillan Education for the college search.Read more


Parents of Daughter Applying to Colleges

We would not have been able to do this without you!

Thanks for College Guidance

To say we don't know what we would have done without you is an understatement. A large reason for the experience being so positive is thanks to your steady guidance and the relationship you have built with {my son}.

College Student Happy in School

I wanted to thank you for everything you helped me with during the college application process. I'm not sure I would have found such a perfect fit without your help.

Mother and Daughter Thankful for Guidance

We want to thank you for your support and help.


What You Need To Know: Our Students’ School and College Choices - And What Lies Ahead

Happy Summer! As our students shift to some well-deserved downtime, Sarah and I are taking the opportunity to let you know the incredibly wide choices of schools and colleges they have chosen for the fall, and to provide you with insights into this upcoming year’s admissions landscape. We’re also excited to let you know we’ve opened a new office in Farmington, Ct, headed up by Brendon Welker, and launched a fresh new website.Read more

College Matriculation List

We’re so proud of our students for choosing to attend such an incredible range of best-fit colleges. They are off to colleges from California to Texas to Maine to Florida - and everywhere in between, as well as several universities in Canada and the UK. We’ve guided our students to a spectrum of colleges large and small, including institutes of technology, art schools, every Ivy League institution, state universities, and colleges that focus on learning differences- almost 200 different campuses in just the past few years. Check out the breadth of our college matriculation list here.Read more

2019 College Matriculation

Congratulations to our college-bound candidates who are heading off to campuses across the country, and several universities in Canada and the UK. Read more

Our Roles as Educators and Parents in the Wake of the College Admissions Scandal

As both educators and parents, we are devastated and saddened by the current college admissions scandal. The news has understandably incited fear, confusion, and indignation among parents, students and professionals in the admission field. We are writing here to address each of these concerns, and provide guidance for parents as they respond to the news – and to their children.Read more


College Planning

Your child deserves a successful and personally fulfilling college search experience. With the whirlwind of disinformation and the external pressures circulating around your child, the promise of a...