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McMillan Education takes pride in continually growing in our own knowledge and expertise through innovation, professional development, and contributions to the field. We transform our commitment to being lifelong learners into industry leadership, presenting at regional and national conferences, advising schools on best educational practices, serving in professional board-level and committee leadership positions, and publishing articles, blogs and posts that chronicle our experiences and our take on current educational trends. Stay abreast of our entire team’s projects, travels and service through our blog and news pages.

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2022 College Matriculation: Wide Range of Best Fit Universities
2022 College Matriculation: Wide Range of Best Fit Universities

Congrats to our 150 seniors who are off to these 99 universities this fall - from Maine to Florida, over to Texas and California, up to the state of Washington - and many, many states in between -  Arts Schools, Ivies, Large Research Universities and Small Liberal Arts gems. We are proud of this range since it's all about the right fit for each individual student!Read more