College Transfer

When Your First College Isn’t For You … or When College Doesn’t Go As Planned

When high school students begin to undertake the Herculean task of choosing, applying to, and gaining admission to their “ideal” college, they do so with high hopes and equally heightened expectations. So it likely comes as no surprise that some may find that the actual college experience falls short of their expectations. While most adapt to their new reality, the disappointment or mismatch may just be too great to make the best of.

Our transfer students are as eclectic and variable as the college transfer process itself.

You might be seeking a change because you’re not happy with your current college’s offerings in your desired major area of academic focus. Or you might be wanting to go after that more selective college you weren’t successful in realizing the first time around. Or maybe you are finding yourself facing academic or other trouble and need a fresh start. Maybe you are not clicking socially in your new environment. You could also be like many who are experiencing emotional challenges that have gotten in the way of a typical or healthy undergraduate experience and you are requiring some specialized attention that gets you on the road to healing and to a new and better college experience.

You will also enjoy the benefit of our online tools and the collective wisdom of our transfer specialists whose combined expertise in this complex and multidimensional process unfolds in real time in our W.I.S.E. Method of Educational Planning. This online interactive platform includes invaluable transfer-specific resources designed to help you find that college that is a better fit for your goals, interests and needs.