Learning Differences

McMillan Education brings considerable expertise to the area of understanding and working with students who have a wide variety of learning profiles. If your child is a student with a learning disorder, such as ADHD and dyslexia, we use this deep knowledge to guide you to the school or college with programs that effectively support those particular needs. If your child is a gifted student who requires an educational setting that both values intellectual gifts and supports skill development, we are uniquely positioned to facilitate that match as well.

Some of our students experience significant obstacles to learning and come to us with a formal diagnosis of learning difficulties. Some come to us struggling with particular aspects of learning they do not fully understand and we are able to guide them toward deeper self-knowledge regarding their challenges and empower them through discovering alternative, appropriate educational choices.

We understand that helping you develop insight into your child’s unique learning profile is critical to discovering schools or colleges where your child can excel relative to his or her particular strengths. We take a distinctively asset-focused approach to working with your family because we know firsthand that students are most successful when engaged in learning through their distinctive cognitive strengths.

Our expertise has led to us being asked to train teachers at independent schools to work more effectively with students with distinctive learning profiles. We have also taught aspiring educators and counselors at the college and graduate level on a range of learning-related topics and regularly speak in regional and national conferences on learning differences.

Success Stories

Steven came to us halfway through 5th grade, and when we met with him and his mother during our initial consultation, we learned he loved math and sports, but had started to...

Cognitive & Spectrum Disorders

We also have expertise working with students who present significant disorders that require highly specialized environments. These cognitive profiles of our students who require heightened services and highly specialized academic and social programming include those with spectrum disorders, such as non-verbal learning disabilities, Aspergers, and high functioning autism.

Complex Learning Profiles

Our learning experts pride themselves on working with children, adolescents and young adults who have been identified as having overall low cognitive abilities as measured through standardized testing. For these students, we identify the premier programs that promote the student’s fullest developmental potential and best fit for his or her needs and interests in school, post-secondary, vocational and, for many, college planning.

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Educational Counselor

Edith enjoys working with students of all ages, from pre-kindergarten through college, in school, college and academic and developmental crisis planning. Her range of experiences throughout her career as an educator positions her well to guide the adolescent searching for the best college fit, the child looking for the right...