International Students

From around the world, families benefit from our expertise and caring guidance. We have a rich history of serving international students and families from over 60 countries and we regularly travel overseas visiting families and campuses to cultivate our relationships and remain current in international admission and educational trends. You can count on us using our deep knowledge of the role education plays in your unique background to create the right independent school, college, or graduate program match for you.

Our educational counselors are highly knowledgeable of the diverse intricacies of international schooling systems, their academic grading scales, and foundational philosophies and practices. We use this understanding to create a highly personalized plan and optimize your candidacy in order to help you achieve your educational goal of studying abroad in a setting that promises an exciting and growth-promoting experience.


V.L. from Switzerland

Without your help, I am not sure {he} would have gotten through it. You made it so easy for me to deal with him and his frustration of the whole ordeal. He really was not happy in high school and I worried about his transition to college BUT he is soooooo happy.

Success Stories

Friends of Lucia in Europe had worked with us for university placement, and when we did our initial Skype with her, we learned Lucia was halfway through her junior year and wanted...

Wise Insights

With the recent presidential election in the United States, many of our families living abroad have asked how international students will be received at American colleges and universities in the future. Will...

Navigating the US Educational Landscape

Our many years of working with international students from over 60 countries gives us the experience to facilitate the educational journey for the school, university and graduate program applicant. We explain the entire process, then walk our international students though every step of the search and application calendar.

Students from All Over the World

McMillan Education students come from many parts of the world including:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • The Americas
  • Middle East
  • The Island
  • Africa
  • Australia

Get to Know


Educational Counselor

Drew brings an extensive background in admission and educational planning in independent schools to his work with students of diverse backgrounds in the school and college planning process. His deep knowledge of the particular challenges and opportunities facing international students who are looking to reap the significant benefits of an...