Athletic Recruiting

If you are an aspiring collegiate athlete, you will learn quickly that the athletic recruiting process and the college search are highly technical and daunting undertakings in their own right. Combining them effectively requires a unique set of skills and knowledge. As experienced college counselors who are also former collegiate student-athletes, high school and college coaches, McMillan Education offers you this dual expertise in specialized athletic recruiting and college counseling.

We take the burden off you the recruit and the mystery out of your recruiting process. Our direct experience working with student-athletes in and outside of interscholastic competitive sports allows us to use our knowledge of the hidden challenges of the recruiting process to leverage your strengths and avoid irreparable missteps.

We coach you through each phase of the process, turning an inherently daunting undertaking with many potential pitfalls into your competitive edge:

  • Overview of your distinctive recruiting calendar
  • Evaluation of your athletic competitive level & academic profile
  • Development of your college list
  • Guidance for contacting coaches and deciphering their feedback about you
  • Recommendations for exposure events that best serve your goals
  • Assistance developing your athletics resume & history
  • Assessment and advising on your video and film profile
  • Recommendations for your strength, conditioning, training & nutrition
  • Integrating your unique recruiting and general college planning processes

In addition to our personalized service, we optimize your recruiting process through providing privileged access to our cutting edge Athletic OWL’s Nest Portal. With over 60 articles detailing each facet of the recruiting process, your recruiting and college planning journey is significantly enhanced.

Success Stories

Mary, from Vancouver, British Columbia attended a competitive independent day school. Highly accomplished in a broad range of activities, Mary was an excellent student and had taken AP classes in almost every...


Father of hockey forward in Portland, Maine

As long-time sports parents, we had no idea how unfamiliar and unsettling recruiting would be. Thank you for the guidance that resulted in {our son} reaching both his academic and athletic goals at a place he couldn’t have imagined being lucky enough to attend!

Traditional & Non-Traditional Sports at all Competitive Levels

Our student athletes often end up, to name a few, among the elite Division I Ivy or Patriot League colleges, competitive Division II and III ECAC programs, and the top Division III colleges in the NESCAC and Centennial Leagues.

Passion for Sport and Commitment to Academic Excellence

While the academic goals remain primary for our college candidates, many recognize that athletics is more than an extra-curricular activity. Sports are instead central to their identity and their ability to excel academically. We bring a unique understanding of the role of sport in the student’s life and in the increasingly complex college planning process.

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Chair, Innovation

As Chair of Innovation at McMillan Education, Kim embodies the firm’s commitment to both anticipating and contributing to changes in the field that prioritize a strong student-centered experience and impact how our counselors best serve students and their families in the college and school planning processes. Kim works closely with...