Academic and Career Advising

How IS my child doing, anyway?

While most McMillan Education families come to us in search of school, college, graduate or crisis planning guidance, some are looking to benefit from our educational planning expertise outside of our signature best fit placement services. For many seeking our counsel, the thrill and wonder of seeing their children start kindergarten gives way to the inevitable question parents of school and college age children will ask over and over again: How IS my child really doing? Is he keeping up? Is she being adequately challenged? Is he getting what he needs now to be successful later on?

We start addressing these questions with the understanding that the beauty of the US educational system’s flexibility and variety can also be the source of confusion and frustration for parents and students alike. As pre-K-12/Post-graduate and undergraduate teaching and curriculum professionals, we have both experienced first hand and been instrumental in developing some of the highly variable curricula, classroom methodologies, and assessments that inform the very educational practices your children, or you yourself as an undergraduate student, are currently experiencing. Student “success” can be just as variable, often mirroring the distinctive missions and educational values of your particular school or university.

No wonder parents are often left wondering: “How IS my child doing, anyway?” And no wonder undergraduates can feel adrift and lacking critical hands-on academic advising.

Whether you are that parent who is noticing your child is bored or your child seems to be struggling, we help families answer the questions “How is my child doing? And what steps can I take to enrich or remediate his or her uncovered needs and potential?”

Likewise, in working with our undergraduate students, our McMillan Education counselors focus on answering the question, “How do I navigate my undergraduate years and my particular university’s academic and residential life programs successfully? How do I discover the best major for me that fits my unique interests and needs? And what steps can I take to maximize my academic and extracurricular experiences to build the foundation for later career and graduate program planning?

Wherever you are in your unique journey, education should be working for every student. Our guidance helps education better keep its promise to you.

Academic Advising in the School-Aged Years

Once we help you understand your school-aged child’s current academic standing, we develop a strategic plan to address areas where your child may be struggling or areas where your child may benefit from enrichment opportunities that augment your child’s current educational experience. We tailor these services dependent on your child’s current level of education

Undergraduate Academic & Career Advising: The College & University Years

Our undergraduates derive the benefit of our academic advising by directly working with their McMillan Education educational counselor to identify goals for their future academic and career planning. They then align those goals with smart and effective course and extracurricular planning that leverages and deepens the undergraduate’s strengths and interests. Maximizing their undergraduate experience allows our undergraduates to be in the best position to launch into their desired career or graduate level of study.