Areas of Expertise

The educational journey of every individual is a long one. And for every student there are unique strengths to actualize, goals to pursue or, for some, challenges to address along the way. Whether you are an artist, athlete, have a distinctive learning style, want to study in a country different from your own, or find certain phases of your development challenging enough to interrupt your path forward, our team of counselors possesses the expertise to help you find the best fit to fulfill your potential.


Our counselors bring decades of experience working inside the country’s top independent schools and colleges to serve you in our highly personalized educational planning process.


We use our deep knowledge of the role education plays in other cultures to create the right match for you and help you overcome the unique challenges international students face in the admission process.


If you are looking to pursue athletics at the school or college level, the athletic fit is as important to your educational experience as the academic fit. We help you find success and satisfaction in both realms.


If your child has struggled in school as a result of a learning difference, he or she knows how painful it is to be in a setting where not everyone understands the unique challenges he or she faces. You can help your child transform struggle into success by partnering with our counselors who know learning differences and the schools and colleges that work best with them.


There is nothing harder than watching your child suffer from academic failure or emotional challenges. We provide your family with hope and optimism for the future through practical options for therapeutic and educational settings where your child can follow the path from crisis to stability and academic progress.


When high school students begin to undertake the Herculean task of choosing, applying to, and gaining admission to their “ideal” college, they do so with high hopes and equally heightened expectations. So it likely comes as no surprise that some may find that the actual college experience falls short of their expectations. While most adapt to their new reality, the disappointment or mismatch may just be too great to make the best of.


While most McMillan Education families come to us in search of school, college, graduate or crisis planning guidance, some are looking to benefit from our educational planning expertise outside of our signature best fit placement services.


If your child has a passion for the arts, you’ll surely want to know that his or her school setting will cultivate those creative talents. Take advantage of our long history working with students who love the arts.