School Planning

Our school planning process is built on a foundation of developing meaningful relationships with both you the family and the prospective schools where your child will thrive. We know firsthand the arduous and emotional work that goes into finding the right school for your child. Thankfully, our signature W.I.S.E. Method of Educational Planning allows you to experience the entire school search process with less stress, more sense of purpose, and greater confidence as you benefit from our decades of collective experience in education. Our dedication to helping you find the best fit school for your child’s particular strengths, passions and needs comes directly from our unique privilege of witnessing the transformative power that the right fit school can have on the totality of a child’s life.

Over our long careers in education, we have had the good fortune of establishing mutually respected professional connections with day and boarding schools right here in New England, nationally and around the world. Because our established reputation supports a climate of trust with school and admission officers, we can ensure that your child’s strengths, interests, potential, and needs will be represented in the best possible light and with the integrity and honesty school admission officials expect of McMillan Education.

As student-centered educators and whole-child education advocates, we find great reward helping your family build a prospective school list that includes a wide variety of the best educational settings the world has to offer. Admission officials know firsthand our deep understanding of children and adolescents and our equally deep knowledge of the schools themselves. It is this experience that is at the core of how we guide your family to realizing your child’s educational goals.

Here is a list of independent day and boarding schools our students have attended.

Success Stories

Greg was in 10th grade at a large, public, urban high school. An endearing, articulate, straightforward young man, by the middle of 10th grade, Greg felt lost at his high school and...

Wise Insights

Demystifying the Boarding School Experience “Why would I send my child to boarding school?” “Boarding schools are for…troubled kids.” We hear these concerns expressed frequently by families we work with. And recently...

Boarding Schools

For nearly six decades, McMillan has helped students and families experience the unique advantages of a boarding school education. In addition to the exceptional academic programs, small class size, and favorable student-faculty ratio that characterize independent schools generally, boarding schools provide distinct opportunities for student growth that many families deliberately choose.

Day Schools

For some families, the independent day school educational journey begins as early as pre-kindergarten, generally when the child is age four in the Fall. From there, families seek our assistance at the natural points of next-school planning for middle or high school, or upon realizing that their child’s current school, whether independent or public, is not the right educational match.

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Don brings over 30 years’ experience as a passionate educator to his work overseeing McMillan Education’s leadership team and the counselors working in traditional and international school and college planning. In close collaboration with his leadership team, Don enjoys staying out ahead of admission trends and continually enhancing the best...